acrylic on panel
size: 35" h x 47" w

Bates Poland Bates


After graduating from Whitman College with a bachelors degree in Psychology I went back to Whitman for additional undergraduate classes in fine art and art history, then moved to San Francisco where I attended the SF Art Institute and finished my masters in painting in 1984.


Besides hosting open studios at my space on Haight Street I have shown at the Sheehan Gallery, Walla Walla, Washington, the Walter McBean Gallery and Diego Rivera Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute, at the Commonwealth Club, Community Blend, and Tiffany & Co., San Francisco. In Southern California I've shown at the Schomburg Gallery, Santa Monica, (one man shows 2004 and 2007) University of San Francisco 2006, Artspan San Francisco 2007-2010, and MTA, Oakland , CA 2009.

Self Portrait in Yellow
"Self Portrait in Yellow"
acrylic on panel
size: 47" h x 38" w


I spend more time in museums than I do in galleries--- I like looking at mixed content and the various stylistic approaches on display when different artists and periods are represented. Subject matter for my paintings tends to jump around: landscapes to nudes to abstracters--whatever happens to be of interest to me right then. Most of my paintings are started with a loosely drawn sketch, the imagery then evolving by degrees into or away from something that resembles what we think of as reality. While I'm not overly interested in "objective" reality I am often enthralled by the way it looks.