Donald Clegg


Winter Medley #7
"Winter Medley #7"
transparent watercolor
size: 22" h x 30" w

Donald Clegg has been painting for twenty years, and has participated in over 80 juried and invitational exhibitions. He has exhibited with the National Watercolor Society, the Northwest Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA, and the Hilton Head Art League. A signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Clegg has received numerous awards for his watercolors, oils, and egg temperas. His work is included in private and corporate collections across the country.

"In my years as an artist, I've painted about everything -- portraits and figures, landscapes and cityscapes, the night sky, and icy ponds-- but still lifes have always been with me. When the dust settled after my years of painting diverse subjects in diverse styles and mediums, I found that watercolor was still the most challenging, and still life the most rewarding,and most of my work is currently in that medium and genre.

Garden Medley #9
"Garden Medley #9"
transparent watercolor
size: 22" h x 30" w

In any case, the challenges of painting are the same regardless of medium and content: getting the right shape in the right place with the right edge quality and color. That seems to me enough to occupy one for a lifetime, never mind wondering just what to paint. Once that's been decided, the artist can really get to work. The subject itself is only a pretext for the real task of painting, which goes well beyond the subject. Light and its play off of and through various surfaces, is most often my real concern. I love to garden; composition is my foremost concern in painting; I vastly prefer working from life; and I like to study my subjects with some degree of intimacy. Given these predilections still life emerges as my natural arena of inquiry."