About artgroove.com

artgroove.com was created by Carolyn Ellingson while she was painting in San Francisco in the 1990s to give herself an internet presence. Carolyn was extremely excited about the promise of the Web and all new technology, and she knew that she wanted to embrace these things.


Since Carolyn's tragic death from mesothelioma in 2002, the website and Carolyn's art have both been curated by Carolyn's sons, Randy and Jeff. They continue to hold the majority of her undistributed work and maintain artgroove.com.

The modest goals of artgroove.com are these:

  • provide a website for interested people to celebrate Carolyn's life and work
  • expose more people to the beauty of Carolyn's work
  • distribute Carolyn's remaining unsold art for a fair price, maintaining the art's value for past and future collectors
  • provide a convenient and comprehensive window into the entire portfolio of art