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Winter 2005 Newsletter

Hello again, fans of Carolyn Ellingson's art!

Working Toward an Digital Gallery

We want to inform you of the latest developments with Carolyn's art. Last year, we had the collection of unsold pieces professionally appraised by an accredited appraiser who formerly worked as a museum curator. We've been busy generating a database of Carolyn's unsold works, photographing them so that the database can include a digital image, and information such as media, size, year (if known), etc. We're very close to completing the initial stage, with just 8 pieces left to photograph (so we are indeed very close)!

Some of you have expressed interest in buying pieces of Carolyn's art. In addition to making images available online, we intend to make certain pieces available for sale. The timing and avenue for selling the pieces has not been established as yet, but we will likely use both this contact email list as well as the web site to supply information. We will contact you directly if you have emailed us in the past couple years regarding art sales.

Kudos to Our Master Digital Archiver

Carolyn's brother Brooks Martner has begun a larger archiving process, generating the same kind of catalog/database information for all known 'sold' works. Carolyn kept slides of her sold works, and the number digitized thus far stands at about 740 pieces! These works will clearly represent a larger and more historical body of her works, which we also would hope to make available online.

Daniel Smith Reference Catalog Inclusion

Lastly, Carolyn had submitted several slides of pieces for consideration by Daniel Smith, Inc., a prominent supplier of high quality artist materials. Daniel Smith chose a piece for inclusion in their annual Reference Catalogue for 2003-2004. The company was kind enough to supply us with a PDF of the page on which her work, called "Still Life #1", appeared. This file can be downloaded HERE.

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