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Late Summer 2011 Newsletter

Hello again, fans of Carolyn Ellingson's art!

Apologies for the incredible lapse of time since our last newsletter. Randy and Jeff (webmasters and curators) have been busy raising children (and in Randy's case, picking up a university professorship!), and has occupied a necessary backseat to all that. We hope that this newsletter finds you well and surviving the political and economic turmoil that seems to be the rule of the day.

East Bay Series #1

We've just got a couple bits of news to report, but there will be more changes to follow:

Website Redesign

East Bay Series #1

After some web developer training, Jeff is ready to make some changes and shake things up a bit with the website.

Though we've been very happy with the website as Randy and Carolyn set it up 10 or so years ago, it is time for a makeover. The redesign is a work in progress, but should be rolled out within a month. Mostly it will be a cosmetic change, but there will possibly be some new features once we get rolling.

Listing Art on eBay

East Bay Series #1

We will be restarting something that Carolyn was doing back in the late '90s--offering selected pieces for sale via eBay auctions or fixed-price listings. Watch the website and newsletters to see when pieces are going up.

Private Collector Sale of 2 Pieces

East Bay Series #1

Last, but certainly not least, one of Carolyn's collectors in Las Vegas is offering 2 of Carolyn's original paintings for sale via Craigslist. We can't identify the exact media, but they appear to be perhaps paintings on paper.

That's it for now.

Best regards,
Randy & Jeff for

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