World Trade Center Art Project


These watercolors were done by me about some of my thoughts and feelings regarding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the people of New York City, our country and our people.

WTC Towers

Thanks to Ned Bateman for bringing the poems to my attention.

These little watercolors weren't made for sale.

As things have progressed since the attack itself, I have had many different thoughts and feelings. My knowledge of the various facts and complexities of our dilemma has grown considerably. But these paintings illustrate some of the feelings and thoughts I had at the outset. Except for one page I completed on October 2 where I mention my realization that I have been unable to feel anger, a fact that seems very strange and inappropriate, given the damage done to us all, particularly the people killed and injured.

I am feeling more reassured now that we are seeking other ways to deal with the situation, that we are gathering the support of other countries and are thinking through the situation and are pursuing alternatives to a military attack (which still will be likely to come).

We can't just sit here passively of course. I always feel so sad though that our world hasn't progressed to methods of conflict resolution that doesn't involve mass killings of civilians and huge loss of military personnel. We are still killing each other, most often in the name of some god.